Photos courtesy of @badbroncstudio Instagram……

Nick Cunningham of Bad Bronc Studios makes some of the most unique silver pieces we have ever seen! Take a look at them and see what he has to say about his work!

“About me. What do I even say? I’ve worked as a metalsmith for over 25 years! My last real job (as in with a W-2) was a stint in college as a bricklayers helper. I like this better.


“The pieces I’m showing here are a mix of custom designs and a few limited edition numbered pieces.


“My work is authentic and combines traditional western engraving with a little Americana pop art. I sometimes repurpose parts and pieces of vintage art and leather, or I make custom pieces for a client, and sometimes I just tell stories in metal.


“I like impressionism, expressionism, and early pop art. My dogs. My shop. Music.” -Nick Cunningham of Bad Bronc Studio

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