It’s great when we eat a really tasty baked good, but it’s even better when the baked good is in the shape of a cowboy boot or decorated like a cactus. Try out these fun recipes that will give your kitchen (and stomach) a little taste of the Wild West.  We promise you and anyone who loves a great Western movie will love these wild treats. 

Cactus Cookies (That Don’t Prick!)

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Bearfoot Baker

Treat yourself—and your favorite people—to these cute cactus cookies. These are easy to make and the really fun part is in the decorating. Have your kiddos or girlfriends help decorate these sweet treats for a fun night.

Cactus Cupcakes

Photo and recipe courtesy of Alana Jones-Mann

These cupcakes look so real that you may look twice before biting into them. They’re technically made out to be house plant cupcakes, but look so much like the dessert in the southwest. These are the perfect dessert for a barbecue or pool party—especially in the dessert!

Mini Western Pies

Photo and recipe courtesy of Savvy Mom

Who doesn’t love pie? And when pies are in mini form, no one can pass them up. But what makes these mini pies even more irresistible is the wild west swag they have. Serve these to the cowboy of your dreams for a guaranteed marriage proposal. 

Cowboy Cupcakes

Photo and recipe courtesy of Ricardo Cuisine

These cowboy cupcakes are the way to your very own cowboy’s heart. The mix of salty Pringle and sweet chocolate makes for a surprisingly delicious combo. The red licorice adds a fun kick, as well.

S’mores in a Jar

Photo and recipe courtesy of tatertots & jello 

Forget about the mess of melting s’mores on a stick. These s’mores are non-messy and just as delicious—the kiddos will love them just the same and so will you. Eat them by a campfire for the same effect.