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Got Extra Baling Twine? Put It To Use!

Baling twine is the duct tape of the horse world.

January 08, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I have baling twine everywhere! If you’re not sure what to do with your extra baling twine, these clever and simple hacks will transform your barn life.

1) Make a plant holder using crochet techniques. It’ll be strong, durable, and affordable!

2) Crochet the twine into a doormat. Feel free to add extra rope or yarn for some more color.

3) Tie a large quantity of twine together to create a clothes line. Perfect for hang drying saddle pads or horse blankets.

4) How about making a bracelet? Very rustic!

5) Baling twine can also be used for belts. It can be braided or crocheted into a unique fashion accessory.

6) Braid it and create a lead rope or even a lunge line.

7) Use a small piece to make breakaway tie loops for your cross-ties.

8) Get creative and make a rope halter.

9) Planning a garden? It’s great for tying up plants to keep them standing strong.

10) Baling twine can even be used as a temporary fix for fences or gates.

Have another idea for extra baling twine? Please share!

Check out Pinterest for more projects and crafts.

Cowgirl Hotlist
Our Newsletter to your inbox every week!