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Baltic Born is creating bold and beautiful clothing for all the stages of life a woman may go through. And who better to do this than three sisters that are all working women, even moms and wives, just like the rest of us?

“Meet the Liljenquist sisters: Allison, Angela and Marianne. Together we started Baltic Born because we were looking for pieces that we felt comfortable in through all the different stages of our lives as women without breaking the bank.

“We understand the different stages of life a woman goes through. Whether you’re in college and looking for the perfect outfit for a night out, traveling and working a day job, or in the mom grind of taking care of your precious little ones, we know how it feels to want to look put together without looking like everyone else and not dropping an entire paycheck on that look!

“We’ve taken the guesswork out of styling for you and we make sure that everything you buy from Baltic Born leaves you feeling beautiful, confident and comfortable! That’s the beauty of our brand.

“Our family name is Scandinavian and designing clothes is in our blood! Dating back to the 1800s, our ancestors worked as tailors for the Danish king. Our grandpa owned his own men’s clothing store so the birth of Baltic Born was just a matter of time!

“Allison is the oldest of the three sisters and has three kids under the age of 7. She and her husband have been married for almost 10 years! She lived in Denmark for a year and half and speaks fluent Danish. She loves exercising and cooking, being outdoors and can’t wait to escape the cold when winter comes!

“Angela is the middle sister and a full time working mom of one! She has traveled all over the world and Australia and Turkey are next on her list. She lives for Diet Dr. Pepper and has a major sweat tooth! She is the musically talented one of the family and the business brains behind Baltic Born.

“Marianne is the youngest of the three and an incredible stylist and hair magician! She loves quiet nights in her downtown apartment and traveling the world. She is the favorite aunt in the family.” -Baltic Born

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