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Photo by: Stable Hollow Construction……

With a long-rooted history, bank barns can be found in the United States, eastern Canada and European countries. They are usually built into the side of a hill, so that the upper and lower portions can be accessed at ground level. The upper area is commonly used to store hay, while the lower portion houses animals. Nowadays, you can still find these beautiful barns dotted throughout the countryside!

Many bank barns are inherited when people purchase older farms. Most are in need of renovation, but the results can be amazing! Furthermore, a few companies still build them. If you’re considering the idea of using one as a horse stable, then you’ll love this inspiration. These barns are breathtaking!

This barn has a very modern look to it. With a steel roof, board and batten sides and stonework, it’s the perfect example of solid craftsmanship!

Photo by: King Construction

This red and white bank barn is a lovely historical piece. It has been beautifully restored!

Photo by: Stable Hollow Construction

Another charming red barn located in Pennsylvania! The individual paddocks are a nice touch to this fully-functional farm.

Photo by: Stable Hollow Construction

Here’s a side look at this impressive bank barn. The gray stonework complements the red so well!

This restored barn is equally beautiful in white! Would you let your horses live in it?

Photo by: Stable Hollow Construction

Not only are these barns stunning, but they’re built to last!

If you love bank barns, then you will definitely like rustic wooden barns. It can be so much fun looking through the different styles and designing your dream farm!