Oh barbed wire… if you have any experiences climbing between the strands or are still using it today, it might make you cringe when you think about those spikes. I ripped plenty of clothing as a child climbing in between cow pastures when I was growing up. But if you are looking for a whole new western way to decorate, consider these pieces.

Above, how cool is this barbed wire fence post bed?

Available for purchase from Cave Creek Designs online > 

Something about this barbed wire chandelier is fascinating! You could turn this into a fun DIY project as long as you are careful.

Photo found on Trend Hunter.

Give your garden an update with this barbed wire trellis. It would be a perfect place for roses to climb or other vines.

Give this a DIY try or buy from The Dusty Raven on Etsy.

You can also use barbed wire to make statement art for the home or garden. This piece is full of repurposed items.

Instructions to create your own piece can be found on Flea Market Gardening.

Create a barbed wire “bouquet” with small pieces of wire and scrap.

Photo from Modern Prairie Cowgirl online.

Do you have any barbed wire decor at home?