Your dream barn is possible with Blackburn Architects. This incredible group constructs the most exquisite horse stables out there. You will be mesmerized by their eye-catching designs. From spacious indoor arenas to stunning horse stalls and tack rooms, there’s no limit to their creativity. Check out some of their projects!

How fresh and modern is a white interior barn. This particular work of art is located in sunny Florida. While it was constructed years ago in 1997, it still looks amazing to this day!

A steel and wood design, this horse barn was customized for a couple in California. Not only is it striking to look at, but it’s also very horse-friendly.

How awesome are these individual paddocks attached to each horse’s stall. I love this clever idea.

Sign me up for one of these impressive indoor riding arenas. The vaulted ceiling makes this riding space feel open and inviting.

There’s nothing more gorgeous than a stone barn. It makes them feel so country and quaint.

Stalls can be designed the way you want.

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