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Barn Hashtags Every Cowgirl Should Follow

Gorgeous barns in your you come!

March 03, 2020

One of the best parts of social media is gaining inspiration. Pinterest is usually an inspo go-to, but don’t forget about Instagram! These barn hashtags are sure to inspire you to want a barn haven on your property.

A 411 for non-Instagram users: When you follow a hashtag, any photo posted with that hashtag will show up in your feed. This is a great feature when you’re looking for inspiration in a certain category, but aren’t devoted to a single Instagram account. For example, barns.


Instagram might feature a great deal of selfies, but it’s also the perfect place for photographers and architects to show off their work. #BarnsOfInstagram features thousands of gorgeous barns, both old and new!


If you’re planning a barn wedding, Pinterest and Instagram’s barn hashtags are the way to go. Like… You’re literally kidding:


Whether you’re thinking about building or you just want to see some killer houses, this barn hashtag works for both.


A general catchall for all things barn: animals, humans, architecture, and agriculture.

Follow each of these barn hashtags and fill up your Instagram feed with amazing barns, architecture, and photography!

Cowgirl Hotlist

Our Newsletter to your inbox every week!