lounge room cowgirl magazine
Photo by: Love Lace Interiors……

One of the best amenities a barn can have is a lounge room. It’s a fun place to relax and hang out before or after your rides. It gives horse owners a place to meet and connect. Many barns also host their meetings in them.

Check out these gorgeous lounge rooms for inspiration!

Cowhide stools, a rustic leather chair and western decor, this space has more than enough cowgirl flair!

Photo by: Love Lace Interiors

Sleek and modern, this barn has an outdoor lounge space.

The loft of this barn is decked out! It has a TV, sofas and board games. Talk about a fun hangout spot.

Casual and cozy, this barn has an upstairs lounge space. With cute horse pictures and a comfy couch, it’s perfect for riders.

Don’t be afraid of color! This tack room/ lounge space has bold patterns that catch your eye.

I don’t know about you, but these lounge rooms feel pretty inviting to me! There’s nothing like a stylish and chic barn.