Equestrians kids are a whole different type! And without a good mom behind them, most wouldn’t make it in the horse world. From expensive lessons to waking up five in the morning for show day, moms with children that ride don’t have it easy. This Mother’s Day don’t forget to let your mom know how much you appreciate every trip to the barn, every lesson paid for, and each horse she bought for you!

Reasons That Barn Moms are the Best!

1. She always listened to you ramble away about horses this and horses that! Moms make great listeners.

2. Think about all the times she drove you to the barn. Was it weekly? Daily?

3. Her paychecks went to lessons, saddles, horses, riding pants, etc… Moms are so generous!

4. She learned new skills just for you, such as saddling, grooming, and stall cleaning.

5. Her vocabulary took on a zillion new words. She can basically speak horse!

6. When you fell off your horse, your mom was there to wipe those tears and help you back on.

7. There’s nothing like her claps and cheers coming from the sidelines on show day.

8. Dirty saddle pads, blankets, and riding clothes took over her laundry machine.

9. In the winter, she nearly froze to death just so you could ride or visit your horse. And don’t forget the flies and heat in the summer!

10. But best of all barn moms make dreams come true! They work their hardest to get you the horse you’ve always wanted.

Don’t forget just how lucky you’re to have a mom that encourages you to love horses and pursue your passions in life. Make sure to thank her this Mother’s Day!