fall cowgirl magazine

Fall has arrived! It may not feel like it just yet, but get ready because the weather can change quickly. Depending on where you live, you may have noticed shorter days and colors on the leaves. It’s important to prep your barn for this new season! Your horses will thank you for it.

Tips for Preparing Your Barn for Fall

  • Get ready for weather changes! Some parts are experiencing increased hurricanes, while others are still at risk for wildfires. Cold temperatures can strike out of nowhere, so keep that in mind too! You’ll want to have a plan in place.
  • Stock up on hay and bedding. Now’s your chance to load up on straw and hay. Hay is most affordable in the summer, while it’s being cut and baled. Take advantage of it being readily available! If you use straw as bedding, you’ll want to stock up on that too.
  • Pull out your horse blankets. Early fall is the perfect time for organizing your horse blankets. Make a list for each horse and include the types and number of sheets/blankets for have for them. Don’t forget to remeasure, in case your horse grew or got rounder.
  • Repair fences and check inside the barn. You’ll want to fix broken boards, inspect insulation, replace leaky water faucets, and anything else that needs repaired.
  • Work out schedules and coordinate with everyone. Kids are back in school, which can change everyone’s schedule. The barn may get busier in the evenings and on the weekends. Get ready for the change and alter your own schedule as needed.
  • Enjoy the season! There’s so much to love about fall. Make sure to take some trail rides, enter a costume contest, and decorate the barn. You can set out pumpkins, straw bales, and corn stalks for a cute display.

A little preparation goes a long way! Make sure you’re ready for this season.