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Barn rules were designed to keep riders and their horses safe and happy. It can be hard to share a facility with others. After all, everyone has a certain way they like to do things. Rules help the entire barn get on the same page. Everyone will know what is expected of them!

Barn Rules

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  1. If you open a gate, then make sure to close it up afterwards. Double check it before you leave!
  2. Turn off the barn lights when you’re done.
  3. Sweep up the grooming or cross-tie area afterwards.
  4. If your horse poops in the riding arena, then scoop it up!
  5. Don’t borrow other boarder’s tack without asking.
  6. If you move things in the arena, then put them back when you’re done.
  7. Don’t feed other people’s horses without their permission.
  8. Kids must be watched at all times. They shouldn’t scream, run, or cry around the horses.
  9. No smoking in the barn or on the property.
  10. If you break anything, be prepared to fix it or replace it.

Every barn needs a good set of rules! Make sure they’re clearly displayed and boarders are aware of them. There’s no reason for anyone not to follow them!