Cowgirl - Barn

Horseback riders are always on the prowl for a good discount when it comes to horse supplies. Barn equipment can get expensive. However, some things you just can’t live without. These six items will make your life so much easier at the barn. They’re affordable and practical!

Tough-1 4 inch Utility Tack Hook, $1.99; Chicks Saddlery

These utility hooks are very useful around the barn. You can hang your halters, bridles, buckets, and more on them. They are great for hanging blankets on, as well. It’s easy to attach them to the board of a fence or stall.

Stall Information Card Holder and Cards, $3.99; Chicks Saddlery

Information cards are a must have if you board your horse or ever need a horse sitter. There’s space to identify your horse’s name, your contact details, feed amount, farrier, and vet. This can help prevent a mix up between horses at feeding time. It is also handy for emergency events.

24 Pocket Grooming & Stable Organizer, $4.99; Chicks Saddlery

Hang it in the wash rack, grooming stall, or even in your trailer. There’s seven different pocket sizes to fit a variety of supplies.

Metal Bucket Hanger, $2.95; Chicks Saddlery

This portable bucket holder is an easy option when you need to move buckets around. It can be hung in stalls, fields, and anywhere else with a 1 3/4″ board. It is 6″ in length.

Sure-Measure Height & Weight Tape, $3.49; Chicks Saddlery

Measuring your horse is made easy with this height and weight tape. It helps you get a close estimate of your horse’s size. All horse owners should have one on hand. It’s covered with a vinyl nylon. It shows both centimeters and hands, as well as pounds and kilos.

Two-Pack Flannel Cleaning Cloth, $0.99; Chicks Saddlery

A great product for cleaning tack and boots. It is sold as a pair.

These barn supplies are definitely must haves! Don’t worry about spending a fortune. They’re affordable and will quickly prove their worth.