Barndominiums have become quite popular! The space, functionality, and usually lower price tag can be quite attractive. Not to mention, you can do them up to where they look just as adorable as any house!

You could get used to walking through this front door every day!

Sectional couches have a way of making family rooms extra cozy.

The kitchen is definitely the heart of any home. Islands are always a nice touch!

Doesn’t everyone love a kitchen that opens right into the dining room?

Vaulted ceilings are a must!

His and hers sinks are always a good idea! Especially when “hers” is just a little bit bigger!

Most people probably don’t daydream about designing a laundry room when thinking about their perfect home, but it can be a nice little space that’s functional!

How about a perfect backdoor deck?

Once again, absolute perfection!

You’ve even got a nice little mudroom and guest area.

Plenty of room for all your cars and equipment.

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