Photo by: Dulcey Lima……

A happy horse is a healthy horse! You want to keep your barrel racing horse sound physically, but also mentally. They should enjoy their job and look forward to their runs. With some extra attention, you can ensure you have a happy partner on your hands!

Tips for a Happy Barrel Horse

1. Let them be a horse. It’s important in between rides and rodeos that you turn out and let them socialize. A horse locked in their stall 24/7 can quickly become sour!

2. Manage ulcers before they become a problem. Life for the road can be stressful, so make sure you keep your horse’s gut healthy. Do you know what some of the signs are? Ulcers In Horses: What You Should Know has the facts!

3. Change up your rides! Some days should be light, easy and fun. Consider going on a trail ride or jog around the field.

4. You should have a good relationship with your vet. If your horse is acting sore or displaying abnormal behavior, don’t delay on calling your vet. It’s better to catch a problem early on!

5. Listen to your horse! You need to stay alert and observant. Try not to dismiss things, rather investigate why your horse is doing this or that. They’ll let you know when something is wrong.

Always put your horse’s needs first! It isn’t hard to keep them happy, but it does require paying attention to them.