Barrel Racer

A barrel racer is a special kind of rider. They’re gutsy, determined, and ride in the fast lane. Are you or do you know someone who is? These traits describe barrel racers to a T! See how many you have.

You’re a barrel racer when…

You communicate better with your horse than you do your boyfriend.

You yell ‘WHOA’ when someone is walking away.

Going to a barrel race is how you want to spend your birthday.

Your entire tax return went to entry fees.

Your horse’s tack costs more than your entire wardrobe.

You get angry when someone calls you a buckle bunny.

Your truck and trailer has seen more miles than your everyday car.

Your horse’s vet and farrier are on speed dial.

You study every horse and their potential to run the barrels, whether they’re born for it or not.

You can saddle and unsaddle faster than your average rider.

You feel at home in noisy rodeo environments.

You’ve ran the barrel pattern in your mind a zillion and one times.

You’ve had some near death experiences, but still ride anyway.

You still get goose bumps when your horse runs down the alley.

Some many describe you as an adrenaline freak.

You follow all the pros on Instagram and Facebook.

How many of these describe you?

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