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The first day of RFD-TV’s The American featured some of your favorite barrel racers, and they did not disappoint!

These barrel racers will advance to the second day of The American:

Kassie Mowry

Wenda Johnson

Stevi Hillman

Emily Miller

Sabra Oquinn

Haley Wolfe

Brittany Tonozzi

Dona Kay Rule

Five of the top eight contestants are qualifiers, including Wenda Johnson, who ran 15.370 on the first night of The American.

Though Sherry Cervi didn’t make the top eight, she still made a great run of 15.909.



Dona Kay Rule made waves with a 15.556.

Emily Miller‘s 15.643 was enough to put her though to the next round.


In just a few hours, one of these barrel racers will have bragging rights, a brand new saddle, and a good-lookin’ check.

Watch RFD-TV’s The American on RFD-TV or The Cowboy Channel, starting at 2:00PM CST on March 8th.