Barrel Racing Mistakes

As a rider, you should always strive to improve yourself and your horse. All barrel racers can benefit from extra instruction. It’s important to know the mistakes you make and how to correct them. This will allow you to improve your pattern and get faster times. What cowgirl wouldn’t want that?!

Ashley Schafer shares in this instructional video the most common mistakes she sees made by barrel racers. She also offers feedback on how to correct them. Ashley is a well-known trainer in the rodeo and futurity worlds. She has won quite a few barrel racing championships. Her success in the industry speaks for itself!

Check out the video below!

If you listen carefully, Ashley explains how influential your body is when riding. A lot of problems arise when riders reply on their hands too much!

Do you make any of these common mistakes? Hopefully, you can begin to work through them and get on the right track.

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