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Choosing a barrel racing saddle can be difficult. It has to fit your horse, it must have the right seat size, and heck it wouldn’t hurt if it looked nice too! There’s nothing wrong with wanting a beautiful and unique looking saddle. It can boost your confidence! With so many custom options available today, you can get your dream saddle.

Gorgeous Barrel Racing Saddles

This striking brown saddle has detailed tooling and beautiful conchos. You also won’t believe how lightweight it is!

Colored buckstitch is such a cool feature! You can pick from pink, purple, green, and orange stitching to name a few.

If you want something flashy, then check out this saddle! The hand painted details really top it off.

With rich chocolate leather and a turquoise seat, this saddle is something special! The painted feather accents are a nice touch.

This smooth leather saddle has eye-catching tooling. @reichertsaddlery has tons of custom options available!

Let these beauties serve as inspiration! What features will your dream saddle have?