In order to have a good relationship with your young horse, you must educate them. Basic manners and respect are essential when dealing with horses. Through groundwork, you can give your youngster a solid foundation and prepare them for saddle work.

Basic Skills to Teach Your Young Horse

How to be Haltered

Your horse will need to be halter trained. They should comfortably wear a halter and easily be led. The horse should also stand patiently when tied. You can teach your youngster to be led through pressure and release methods or positive reinforcement.

Accept Touch

Next, your young horse should learn to be touched all over. You’ll want to desensitize them to your hands, whips, ropes, and any other equipment you plan to use in the future. They should also easily pick up their feet.

In addition to being touched, your horse should be comfortable with grooming. That includes different brushes touching their skin, fly spray, and bathes.


You can take your training further by introducing them to more unusual objects, as well. This can include tarps, flags, umbrellas, and farm equipment. It’s also a good time to get them to use to trailer loading.

Saddle Work

As your horse progresses, you can teach them to accept a saddle pad, saddle, girth, hanging stirrups, and bridle. Most trainers introduce these items when the horse is roughly 3 years old.

Be patient with your youngster and allow them to progress at their own pace. Try not to get caught up in comparing them to others. Each horse learns at a different rate. These essentials skills will set the foundation for your future together. Make sure you don’t rush through them!

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