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Do you want a Western bedroom? The ones you scroll through Pinterest longing for? 

To begin designing your dream buckaroo bedroom, there are a few necessities you need! 

Cowhide Rug

Would it really be considered a cowgirl bedroom without a cowhide rug in it? 

Saddle Blanket

A saddle blanket at the end of your bed is not only comfy and cozy, but it can add a pop of color! 

Steer Skull

Have you ever noticed a Western bedroom without a steer skull of some sort? It could be a picture, a replica or a painting. It’s great for wall decoration!

Wood Furniture

A common thread throughout Western bedrooms is their wood furniture. Wood bed sets add a rustic feature, quintessential for the Western look.

Hat Wall

What’s more perfect than using what you already have for decorations? A hat wall is simple enough, but takes up a lot of space! See how-to here!