Batiste Dry Shampoo has changed the hair game! It’s no secret that not everyone washes their hair everyday, but you can make sure no one ever knows! Batiste is the dry shampoo that keeps your hair from getting oily without the white flakes! They have tinted aerosols to match your hair color!

“The bottle that started it all. Our most iconic Batiste Dry Shampoo bottle will leave your hair feeling clean, with an easy-to-love scent that matches any mood. Also available in a mini size.

“When it comes to dry shampoo, this is a game changer. Made to celebrate the beauty of dark hair shades, each spray feels more magic as it disappears seamlessly into your roots. No wonder it’s one of our most popular.

“Brunettes, meet your match. A uniquely tinted dry shampoo that leaves hair feeling clean, and blends seamlessly with beautifully brown hair. A few sprays and you’re ready to show the world that brunettes have fun, too.

“Hey blondies! This shade of dry shampoo is just right for you. It refreshes flat roots with a tinted formula that perfectly blends with lighter locks — use to brighten up your color or whenever you need a stroke of brilliance.” -Batiste

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