Yellowstone’s Beth Dutton is an icon. She is strong, smart, witty and kicks some a**. She also rocks some incredible outfits. Beth Dutton’s style leaves us speechless. 

In season 3, episode 6 she wore a turquoise-blue, hooded, button-up, poncho coat-thing and I was in love from the get go. Since the episode aired, I have pleas to find this coat on Facebook groups, Instagram stories and the likes. Believe me, I have followed them closely to find it too. 

Then it was found. The exact coat worn by Beth Dutton, in all of its glory. The Lindsey Thornburg Pagosa Springs Cloak – Sapphire Blue is extravagant to say the least. So is the price tag. This poncho-thing is $1,395.00. So that dreamed died in the dirt. 

I may never own this exact coat, however there are a few coats out there that are similar in style that are sure to make you Beth Dutton dreams come true, at a fraction of the cost.

Beth Dutton Inspired Coats

Plaid Wool Blanket Wrap Serape, $159.00, Photo courtesy Stetson.

This Plaid Wool Blanket Wrap from Stetson is perfectly oversized, just like Beth’s. The neutrals will compliment any outfit and wrap you up in wool warmth.

Tasha Polizzi Women’s Park City Blanket Coat, $269.00, Photo courtesy Sheplers.

This Tasha Polizzi Women’s Park City Blanket Coat is drop dead gorgeous. From the vibrant aztec print to the fur accents, this coat has Beth Dutton style written all over it.

The Mandeville, $233, Photo courtesy Savannah Sevens.

Although this The Mandeville coat from Savannah Sevens differs in cut and color from Beth’s poncho, this coat leaves little to be desired. The cream and tan pattern complements the powder blue accents. And those buttons! Definitely approved by Beth Dutton’s style standards.

Powder River Outfitter’s Jacquard Aztec Wool Cape, $149.99, Photo courtesy Powder River Outfitters.

Over sized and loving it. This Jacquard Aztec Wool Cape from Powder River Outfitter is perfect for the over sized poncho lovers.

Although Beth’s Lindsey Thornburg coat is out of price range, these beautiful coats will easily give you a Beth Dutton style.