be social during social distancing cowgirl magazine

For many people, the lack of social interaction during this time can be very stressful and even upsetting. Never fear! You don’t always need to leave the house to be social. Here are some easy ways to be social during social distancing:

Give your pets some extra love

Animals can help with stress. We all know this. They’re also great company, and can provide social interaction when you need it most!


Or Zoom. Or Skype. Or Facebook Messenger Video. Or any other kind of video chat!

Seeing the faces of your loved ones can be like a social interaction patch. They might not be really in front of you, but it helps to see them rather than just hear their voices or read their messages.


If you have an iPhone, try out GamePigeon! It’s an iMessage extension that allows you to play games like pool, Connect 4, poker, and even darts with your contacts.

When your friend takes their turn, you’ll get a notification, and then it’s your turn! And if you get bored of one game, switch it up.

Download GamePigeon here.

Old-fashioned Phone Calls

Whaaaat? Talking on the phone? Yes, m’am.

If the thought of talking on your phone makes you cringe, now’s the time to face your fears! Hearing someone’s voice can  give you a little more reality than just some words on a screen.

COWGIRL‘s Facebook Groups

COWGIRL has two Facebook Groups just for cowgirls! COWGIRL Horses focuses on your favorite four-legged friends, and COWGIRL Nation is basically anything cowgirl you can think of.

Finding a sense of community during this time can help give you some kind of normalcy.

If you have any other suggestions on how to be social during social distancing, join our Facebook groups and share your best tips!

If you’re in need of some things to do inside, try these out, and stay safe, cowgirls!