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Beaches And Buckles is giving you what you want. Finally, a swimwear line with western flare! It’s designed in Canada and worn across the west!

“Just two girls who decided to join forces and design a swimwear label in the middle of the cold, Canadian winter… no joke.

“For those who do not know Alexi, not only has she has made an imprint in the growing western fashion in Canada and she is currently undertaking a degree in marketing and business. She has a flair for fashion and is excited to use Beaches and Buckles as a creative, design outlet.

“Georgie is a proud native Australian, who grow up on the beaches of Australia and has made a home in Canada. Her love for water and swimming has created a great appreciation of fun, practical swimwear.

“Based in a small town, in Southern Alberta, Beaches and Buckles is a fun, creative, western styled swimwear line determined to give women, who have a love for western fashion and agriculture, something that represents who they are and what they stand for. We have taken inspiration from all parts of the western world and incorporated them into fun designs for YOU to love and feel confident in.” -Beaches And Buckles

Don’t forget your beach towel!