The Tatonka, by Wild Bleu Botique, $475

If we had it our way, our outfits would be hand beaded from head to toe. Unfortunately, we are not made of money. However, occasionally we’ll shake the money tree to get one big and especially unique beaded piece for ourselves! Because we deserve it, damnit! Native American bead work is an intricate art form that is typically beaded on a loom and transformed into jewelry or sewn onto various pieces of clothing and accessories! The difficulty and time it takes to complete the beading patterns, often makes the price a little higher. Sometimes, it’s just worth it though!

If you’re into Native American inspired fashion, (and we have hunch that a bunch of you are) these beaded pieces are just the ticket to achieve a modern, southwestern chic look!

Double D Ranch ~ Lane Warrior Dreams Beaded Boots, $699

Tasha Plizzi Beaded Desert Belt, $210

Kurtmen Design Unique Beaded, Leather & Fringe Handbag

Black Beaded Necklace, available at Gunslinger of Bandera, $59

Old Gringo Chaquira Eagle Chocolate, $877

3” Beaded Chevron Cuff, by Double J Saddlery, $86

Gypsy Soule Zydeco, $290

Double D Ranch Famous Cowgirl Band Tee, $124

Double D Ranch ~ Lane Cayuse Beaded Boots, $620