Cowgirl - Beaded Summer Sandals

The other day I wore a pair of boots when I ran to town. We had just got 2″ of rain here in Texas, and it was 100 degrees outside and so humid I was essentially swimming through the air, rather than walking. About an hour into my town errands I was so ever lovin’ hot that I stopped what I was doing and went to the mall, strictly to buy some damn sandals. Holy smokes, is it that hot where you guys are? I know we’ve got to wear boots to get the job done most days, but when it’s this hot, boots are not on my fashion agenda! I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of adorable southwestern sandals that even the department store had! (I typically do most of my shopping at small businesses and boutiques for those of you who are like, “um, does she live in a cave? Of course the mall has cute shoes.”)

Even better, since we are already half-way through summer, a bunch of really cute sandals were on SALE! So I ran home to do a little research for y’all to find some great deals on some badass styles!  Enjoy & for goodness sakes, keep cool out there, my friends!

Pikolinos Beaded Ankle Strap Sandal