garlic cowgirl magazine

Garlic has been known to repel insects. Many riders have questioned whether it can be used as a natural repellant for their horse. It’s actually a widely used alternative to harsh chemicals. Holistic veterinarians have been recommending it for ages!

The idea behind feeding garlic is when your horse sweats the odor will naturally repel insects including flies, ticks and midges. Depending on your horse’s size, half an ounce to 2 ounces per day is the recommended dosage. It can be fed in capsules, powder, fresh crushed cloves and dehydrated granules.

Springtime offers a commercial product called Bug Off Garlic for Horses. These air-dried granules protect your horse for 24 hours against pesky insects. The supplement ranges from $0.20 per scoop to $0.40.

Additionally, garlic oil can be applied topically at a 1% dilution rate. Research suggests it’s 97% effective!

On top of naturally repelling insects, garlic has been known to boost a horse’s appetite, reduce blood pressure, purify the blood, treat joint issues and provide an antibiotic effect. And the while the benefits are numerous, make sure to speak with your vet before self treating. You should be cautious when feeding any garlic supplement! It can result in anemia when fed in larger quantities.

Garlic may be the answer to your fly problems this summer!