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With the summer solstice only a couple weeks ago, we are in the middle of summer- aka the hottest part. And horse shows are in full swing! Warm weather, good ponies, and doing what we love… nothing can beat it! Yet, our only competition is the heat. Learn to beat the heat with these tips!

Make Popsicles for Your Horses

This may sound crazy, but you can make and pack popsicles for your horses! With a mixture of apple juice and water, your horse will be loving life and staying cool- the two goals at hot horse shows! Another added benefit: it helps them stay hydrated! Use this recipe!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! 

This goes for both you and your horse! Sometimes in the hottest of times, water isn’t enough. Make sure you add electrolytes to your water or drink beverages with electrolytes already added. As for your pony pal, you can add gatorades or power electrolytes to their water. If you have a picky drinker, bring water from home to ensure your horse will drink. 

Wear Cooler Show Clothes

No, no, I don’t mean “flashier” or more “up-to-date” show clothes. I mean wear show clothes with more cotton or other fabrics which tend to stay cooler. Also, try to wait to change into your full show gear until you have to- meaning your chaps, show jacket or other heavy layers. 

Stand in the Shade

Every horseman knows horse shows are full of “hurry up and wait.” It could even be argued that’s the horse show motto. So if you find yourself in a “wait” moment, use it to park you and your horse in some air conditioning (if that’s available) or some shade! 

Monitor How Everyone is Feeling

Check in with yourself, your crew and your horse. Make sure no one is feeling light headed, dizzy, or sick. Watch for signs of heat exhaustion! Always make sure your horse is drinking plenty of water and even check their heart rate and temp from time to time! This goes for you, too! 

Watch Your Warm-Up

Obviously, your horse is going to need adequate warm-up. However, with the heat, they may not need as long a warm up as normal. Just check-in with your horse and see how they are feeling. 

Have fun and stay safe out there, cowgirls!