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All photos courtesy of Beau Simmons (@beausimmons).

Award-winning photographer, Beau Simmons, recently documented a photo series proving “the world needs more cowgirls.”

Beau Simmons previously photographed for top fashion brands, such as Marc Jacobs, Guess Jeans, and Converse. A cowboy at heart, he decided to go back to his roots and shoot the western lifestyle.

With each photo series he captures, he includes an inspired journal entry.

Journal Entry 91

“I recently had the opportunity to meet with some ladies and capture a day spent on a ranch near Stephenville, TX. Each one of these women either cowboy daily or compete in rodeos. I have been wanting to highlight more women throughout my work who represent the western lifestyle. Their presence in this industry and in our lives is needed and should be honored.

I photographed these moments just as they were finishing up doctoring some cattle and had a break to enjoy the sun along with a few cold beers. After all, western women sure do know how to keep up with us men while also showing us up more often than we’d like to admit.

When I tell you that these women are just built differently, it’s clear from the moment you shake hands with them. They don’t care about the dirt under their nails, the mud on their boots, or the occasional thorns twisted up in their hair. When it comes to maintaining the land and the animals they look after, they don’t cut corners or have time to complain.

However, when the work is done, they still know how to throw on an outfit that catches stares from every corner of the saloon. The balance of a nurturing and strong woman is one of the most admirable traits. You just don’t see it everywhere but when you do, you know it’s special. My hat is off to the women who represent this lifestyle and everything they contribute to it.”

Journal Entry 92

“In between creating some images with these ladies recently in Texas, I wanted to take the time and capture each of their portraits.

My work has always been either to create a certain feeling by either producing images that reflect a memory or just elicit pure joy when you view them. The other half of my time behind the lens is to highlight individuals and their stories or share moments that honor them and who they are deep down.

In a sometimes divided world, we live in with how fast we’re all living our lives, spending time with women like these featured here really encourages me and my faith in humanity. When you meet a woman who loves the land and the animals as much as they do, good luck with forgetting them. It’s damn near impossible. The roads you once drove down, the food you eat, and the music you listen to will make sure to remind you of their presence and the memories you once shared.

This isn’t a passage for heartbreaks. This is to honor and give credit to the powerful emotions a woman can bring to all of our lives. A woman’s love is like the branches of a tree. It twists and turns, finding its way into every corner of our hearts. A system of vines entangling souls, even those made of stone, bringing life and warmth to hardened spirits. Once you learn how to embrace it, you’ll never wish for its absence.”

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