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Montana Silversmiths has all the bolo ties you could choose from for your man! And they just added another to their collection! 

“Make a statement with a Montana Silversmiths Signature Bolo Tie. The traditional bolo ties use a leather cord that slides along the medallion to tighten and loosen the tie and are finished with silver finished weighted tips. Western-style and craftsmanship shine in all our bolo ties and ensure an option for everyone,” writes Montana Silversmiths on their website. 

The Pioneer’s Turquoise Bolo Tie

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The new bolo has a gorgeous turquoise stone in the middle of a horseshoe. It is sure to shine on any night out! The tie was named “for the courageous, fearless, and daring trailblazers.”

They have more to look at than just their new one, too!

Southwest Scalloped Bolo Tie

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If the turquoise isn’t your speed, Montana Silversmiths has an engraved, Southwest-inspired bolo tie perfect for all occasions!

Wind Dancer Feather Bolo Tie

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This 18 karat rose gold bolo has “a center antiqued silver finished feather bending as if it is being pushed by the wind is bracketed by rose gold filigree scrollwork.” The artistry gives the name, Wind Dancer Feather.

No Two The Same Agate Bolo Tie

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The name rings true! “Wear a piece that is as individual as you are. Each agate is truly individual and will vary in color and striation,” explains Montana Silversmiths.

Custom Silver Engraved Bolo Tie

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If none of the above are your style, you can always have one customized to your liking!