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We’ve fallen head over heels for these gorgeous decor pieces and Brass Bunkhouse is certainly on our Christmas list. From Pendleton-lined mirrors to gorgeous towels and rugs, they have got it all!

Photos Courtesy of @brassbunkhouse on Instagram

Wow, we’re obsessed with these gorgeous pieces! These framed pieces could not be more perfect and are sure to capture the attention of everyone in the room. Which one is your favorite: the Rosewood Chief Joesph Mirror or the Pendleton Round-Up x Chief Joesph sign?! We can’t decide!

Photos Courtesy of The Brass Bunkhouse

This adorable Mesa Collection place set is the perfect addition to your dinner table this winter. There are so many gorgeous pieces, we couldn’t pick just one to share! There is certainly a piece for every dinner table and under a loved one’s Christmas tree.

Photos Courtesy of The Brass Bunkhouse

These decorative throws and pillows from the Siesta Collection are more than just an accent piece, they are so comfortable and versatile! Sero=iusly the most perfect pieces for any room.

Home decor pieces can be the perfect gift for a cowgirl in your life! From bringing loved ones together over punchy place sets or brightening up any room, The Brass Bunkhouse has got you covered.