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Horses are widely known for their beauty. A few breeds really take the cake in the looks department though. They have something unique about them that captivates people. You can find these horses in India, Turkey, Spain, and everywhere else in-between. Take a guess! What are the top 10 most beautiful breeds from around the world?

1. Arabian

This breed originated from the Arabian peninsula. They are well-known for their dished faces and high tail carriage.

2. Marwari

A unique breed from India, the Marwari horse has inward-turning ears that meet at the tips.

3. Andalusian

Originally found in Spain and Portugal, this gorgeous breed has classic features that have changed very little over the centuries.

A pair of Friesians

4. Friesian

These famous black horses with feathers on their legs are from the Netherlands. They are quite graceful for their size.

5. Akhal-Teke

Some might argue the most beautiful, the Akhal-Teke horses are best known for their metallic sheen. This horse is commonly found in Turkey.

A Gypsy Vanner foal and mare touch noses.

6. Gypsy Vanner

From the British Isles, the Gypsy horse is known for its lush mane, tail, and leg feathers.

7. Haflinger

Developed in Austria and Northern Italy, the Haflinger is always a chestnut with flaxen mane and tail. They are on the smaller size, but built strong.

8. Appaloosa

This American breed is well-known for its loud color markings. Most have a unique spotted coat pattern.

9. Paso Fino

This gorgeous Spanish breed is treasured for its smooth gaits.

A herd of wild mustangs.

10. Mustang

Descended from the Spaniards, this breed is well-known as being the wild horse of the American West.

From short to tall, slender to thick, and solid colors to spotted, these horses each have something that makes them beautiful. What breed do you think deserves the title as MOST gorgeous?