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A breed like none other, the Lusitano is a remarkable horse. They have many desirable qualities that make them incredible partners. Not only are they brave and loyal, but their beauty is enough to turn heads! This breed also has a unique history and are closely related to Andalusian horses.

Lusitano Horse

These horses excel in many disciplines. They’re very competitive in dressage and working equitation. In the past, they were bullfighting horses!

Many do well on ranches. They can even work cattle! Their brave nature allows them to face any danger on the trail.

Lusitanos come in a range of colors! Check out this stunning duo.

A common trait of this breed is a Roman nose. They have a very distinct look almost like warrior horses.

These horses can be found all over the world from Portuguese and Brazil to Mexico and North America.

Learn more about this incredible breed at the United States Lusitano Association. They offer members various clinics, shows, and events to attend.