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Palomino horses sure are something special! They have a unique golden color with a white mane and tail. Within this color type, there are several different shades from light to dark. Many palomino horses will also change shades seasonally. The summer sun will often light their coat, while their winter hair usually comes in darker.

Palomino Shades

This lighter, pale shade captured by @rebeccawilliams_rwp is gorgeous! Some may even appear cream or white under certain lights.

Here’s another example of a light-shaded palomino. You can even see dapples on this beauty!

Many riders enjoy this medium shade. The horse has a golden look!

This color definitely catches your eye!

These horses can be very rich in color! This deep shade contrasts beautifully with the horse’s white mane.

Do you prefer lighter or darker? If you can’t decide, a nice golden color right in the middle is perfect!