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Bank barns are a piece of history! You won’t find many new ones being built, though take a quick drive in northeastern United States and you’ll find quite a few older ones. Those who have inherited a bank barn with their property may try to restore it. These restoration projects are costly and time consuming, but the end results are spectacular.

What’s more traditional than a classic red barn?!? This lovely stable is currently set up for horses and other livestock.

How amazing is the interior of this old bank barn? New stalls were added, but the aged ceiling gives it a rustic feel.

Wow! Take a look at the before and after of this incredible stable.

These barns are known for having two levels. The top served as a hay loft and the bottom housed the animals.

They were built into hills or banks, which made the top easily accessible.

These restored bank barns sure are special! Not only are they functional, but they’re gorgeous too.