black accent wall cowgirl magazine
Left photo courtesy of @maovesa on Instagram. Right photo courtesy of @cowboytextilesco on Instagram…

Are you wanting to redecorate your house? Spruce things up? There is something very elegant about a black accent wall or a black and white color palette of a western household. Don’t believe me? Check these out!

Maybe it’s a must because it reminds us of many of our favorite westerns…

Or maybe it’s a throwback to when times were simpler with all television in black and white…

Either way though, this is a trend I can fully support!

Black is a very easy color to work with, as you can add numerous accent colors.

It also creates a modern touch in any rustic home.

So what are you waiting for?? Grab some paint from the store and get to work!

Loving this trend? What about this black barndo?!