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Beauty 911


An impromptu skype, a “can you come in today” job interview, or a morning-after breakfast can all catch a cowgirl off guard beauty wise. These fashionable first responders will rescue your look in a flash while keeping your beauty reputation intact.


PHILIP B RUSSIAN AMBER IMPERIAL DRY SHAMPOO freshens hair and absorbs oil sans H2O, and unlike many dry shampoos, leaves your hair looking shiny, not powdered.


JUICE BEAUTY stem cellular™ instant eye lift Antioxidants and nutrients from the algae biomatrix masks are triggered when combined with the Activator Fluid for a dramatic reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. $75,

RITA HAZAN ROOT CONCEALER  is an at-home DIY solution for covering grow-out or silver roots between salon visits. They are water and sweat resistant, but washes out with your next shampoo. Comes in five fab shades, three shown here. $25.


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