Bumblebee generated ingredients, including manuka honey and actual bee venom-touted as the “natural botox”- have become popular skin treatments, with devotees that range from age-defying dowagers to the duchess of cambridge. 

Newly developed techniques allow  for the harvesting of bee venom without harming the bees. Bee venom products are, not surprisingly,  contraindicated for people allergic to bee stings.


Manuka Doctor bee rejuvenating face mask with bee venom and manuka honey harnesses the power of the highest performing ingredients from the hive—purified bee venom, manuka honey, and royal jelly—with age-defying ingredients of rosehip, blackcurrant oils, nourishing shea, and cocoa butter. $85.

Rodial bee venom moisturizer contains plant stem cells, bee venom, and hyaluronic acid  for serious skin moisturizing, repair, and smoothing. $190 for 1.69 oz. at An eye creme is also available for $140.


Heaven by Deborah  xzHEAVEN BY DEBORAH MITCHELL BEE VENOM MASK is said to have been the pre-wedding beauty secret for future queen Kate Middleton. This mask contains bee venom derivatives that create an immediate lifting, tightening, and firming effect, plus shea butter, rose, and lavender essential oils to calm and smooth. $130,