gypsy vanner cowgirl magazine

Gorgeous, magical, and magnificent are just a few words that describe the Gypsy Vanner horse. This breed is famous for their lush mane and tails, feathers, and draft-horse built. They’re versatile and can be seen performing in English, western, and driving. Get ready to see some real beauty!

Who doesn’t love a traditional black and white gypsy?!?

These horses aren’t just beautiful… they’re very athletic!

Can you guess what celebrity likes this breed? That’s right, Miranda Lambert is a fan of them.

How cool! This rider is doing mounted archery with her handsome steed.

Hair, hair, and more hair! This stallion at @meadowbrook_gypsies is sure to catch your attention.

I could stare at Gypsy Vanners all day long. They’re truly a remarkable breed.