Stall Bedding
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The bedding in your horse’s stall is designed to provide them with comfort and cleanliness. It absorbs urine and reduces the smell of manure and ammonia. It also gives them a cushiony spot to lie down. Too much bedding and you’ll struggle to clean the stall, but too little and your horse will suffer. So, what’s the right amount?

Key Factors

Type of Bedding: Shavings, straw, pellets, or paper… there are so many options! Depending on what you choose, the amount you use will vary. Some types offer more cushion than others.

Flooring: The amount of bedding your horse needs is also dependent on the flooring of their stalls. Those with mats will need much less than those with dirt or concrete floors. Stall mats are not an excuse to use little to no bedding though!

Special Needs: Some horses may need thicker bedding because of a medical condition like arthritis. Their joints will benefit from the extra support of a cushioned floor.

Labor: Lots of bedding will require more mucking time!

The Verdict

A fresh stall with floor mats will need at least 6″ to 8″ of shavings or sawdust. It should be spread from wall to wall.

A 12 x 12 stall will likely require two full bales of straw.

Make sure to have enough along the walls and corners. This will help prevent your horse from getting cast. It can also be used as extra/clean bedding for throughout the week.

You’ll want your horse to be comfortable when they’re in their stall. It’s a resting spot for them! Therefore, make sure to use the right amount of bedding! Don’t forget to check out ‘How To Clean A Horse’s Stall Like A Pro‘.