Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or not a huge fan of the fermented alcoholic beverage, it’s safe to say that it tastes pretty darn good in food. It’s counterpart? Cheese. These recipes featuring beer and cheese will have beer lovers, cheese lovers and all of the above lovers, everywhere giving a thumbs up to the ages old beverage. Who knew adding beer to these classic and cheesy dishes below would be such a delicious hit?

Beer Mac’n’Cheese

Photo and recipe courtesy of Wanderlust In The City

Good ol’ mac’n’cheese is quite delicious on its own, but add one simple ingredient and your taste buds will explode with new delight for this surprising ingredient: beer. Yep, the beer in this recipe adds just a little more goodness to this cheesy, gooey, comfort-food dish. Cheese and beer, please. Get the recipe here.