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Faith ridding "Big Shoes to Phil" at the NCHA Youth World Show - Photo taken by, Susan Sylvester Pho…

If you are in-the-know on cutting horses, then you know Faith Farris, from Midway, Texas. Faith is a fierce competitor in the cutting pen and has many accolades to her show career.

Over the years, Faith has been blessed with a few great horses to get to show, Quite The Fat Cat, “Ben” LTE $247,925 (Mr Peppy Freckles x Quite The Cat), Smooth Serena Rey, “Serena” LTE $64,772 (Smooth As A Cat x Margaret Rey), and Big Shoes to Phil, Phil” LTE $62,355 (High Brow Cat x Tapt Twice).

She has been lucky enough to ride some of these great horses to success, “Some things I’ve won have been the AQHYA World Championships in 2017, 2018, and 2021 on Ben, Serena, and Phil. The NYCHA Jr Youth World Championship in 2018 on Serena, the NYCHA Sr Youth World Championship in 2021 on Phil, the NHSRA Girls Cutting World Championship in 2021 on Phil, and the THSRA Girls Cutting State Championship in 2021 on Phil.”

But the success isn’t surprising when you come from a long line of horse trainers and cattlemen. Faith’s whole family rides cutting horses. Her father Mitch and Uncle Mike are both cutting horse trainers, and Faith’s mother cuts along with her cousins. “We all live on Farris Ranch and work horses and haul together, so I’m thankful that I get to experience what I love with them. It’s a whole family affair,” says Farris.

Where does Faith see herself going? Well she’s planning on finishing her last two years as a youth out strong, as well as showing in the very competitive Non-Pro Classes in the NCHA. But Faith isn’t planning on limiting herself at all, “I’m also doing the Cowhorses for Cutters this year at Snaffle Bit, and after that I would love to dip my toe further into the Cowhorse water.” She has other plans outside the arena too, “I adore doing hair and makeup, so I’d love to attend Charles and Sue’s cosmetology school.” She has hopes to attend college and get a degree in Business.