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Christmas is here and do y’all know what that means? Time for parties and holiday dresses! Whether if it is your get-together for work, the family gathering, or a full-blown Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, you’ll be the belle of the ball in any one of these ensembles! We often see a little peacock inspiration in the western world, why not Christmas fashion, too?! When you live in the South, Christmastime doesn’t always mean cold weather. If that’s your case, you should opt for this little number! The traditional red and green is always a winner! If you’re going for Eloise at the Plaza, this dress is definitely for you! Okay okay, my cover is blown! They might not be real dresses, but it sure would be fun if they were! We’ll just have to settle for turning our Christmas trees into the ultimate fashion statement! Don’t forget to get the sassiest of stockings to hang on your mantle here!