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Calling all cowgirls! These gorgeous and unique bridles are sure to get you noticed in the ring. Belt style headstalls are a must for anyone that wants to stand out. The crown and cheek pieces are usually a thick band embellished with rhinestones and a belt bucket. They can be custom ordered for a personalized touch!

Beautiful Belt Headstalls

Perfect for your girly mare, this pretty pink one has all the bling you’ll need. The paracord browband is an extra feature.

Isn’t that a beauty?!? The lime green and embellishments make it eye-catching.

Most belt headstalls come in leather, but that isn’t a requirement. This unique one is crafted from mule tape.

The tooling on this bridle is exquisite. offers custom ones to suit your needs.

This gorgeous option has turquoise stitching and stones. It’ll look great on your mare or gelding!

If you’re up for a challenge, then you can actually make your own belt headstall.