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Frozen and dirty water troughs are a thing of the past! Your horse can have access to a constant supply of fresh drinking water with an automatic waterer in their field or stall. These investments are worth it no matter how many horses you have. They also work in every season from winter to summer.

Automatic Waterer Benefits

  • Water is cooler is the summer and warmer in the winter. No more frozen buckets!
  • No more dragging the hose to refill the water trough.
  • Save your arms by not having to lift and carry buckets around.
  • Wastes less water!
  • The water stays cleaner.
  • Don’t have to worry about the horses running out of water.
  • Most horses catch on quickly to using them!

There are all different types from those in your horse’s field to stall options. Some are even multi-holed for large herd sizes. Check out these two!

EcoFount 1 18430 and MiraFount 3354S
  1. EcoFount 1 18430, $810.99, Ritchie- This option supplies clean drinking water even in the coldest of climates. It works for 1-30 horses!
  2. MiraFount 3354S, $954.00, Redstone Supply- With a four ball drinking system, this choice offers clean and fresh water at all times. It holds up to 70 gallons.

Automatic waterers are expensive, but most come with warranties. They’re a long-term investment that’ll save you work and time!