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Every horse owner has to decide shoes or barefoot. There are pros and cons that need to be considered for both. Additionally, each horse should be treated as an individual with their unique needs met. Many horse folks are in favor of barefoot trims, as they’re natural and more holistic. Check out these additional benefits!

Top Reason to Go Barefoot

  • Your horse’s hooves are likely to grow faster because they receive more simulation.
  • They will have better traction on road surfaces.
  • Barefoot horses experience better blood flow in their hooves, thus healthier feet.
  • These horses tend to move more naturally.
  • The hooves are able to bend, flex, and adjust to terrain easier.
  • Horses that stumbled and tripped before may not do so as much when the shoes are removed.
  • No more lost shoes.
  • These trims are usually cheaper than getting shoes put on.
  • Kicks to other horses in the field usually aren’t as bad as with shoes on.

Share your experience with barefoot horses. Do their feet seem healthier to you? Is their movement more natural? Many riders swear this is the answer to a lot of hoof problems. The key is finding a skilled farrier who specializes in barefoot trims!