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Most horse owners are familiar with beet pulp. It arrives in a dried and shredded form that can be soaked. Your average feed store sells this affordable product, making it a to-go for many people. You’ll commonly see it in many barns around winter!

Top Benefits of Beet Pulp

1. It can be used for weight gain. Compared to most hay, it has a greater digestive energy content. This allows it to function as a weight-building supplement.

2. Beet pulp acts as a hay replacement. It can be especially helpful for senior horses that might have trouble chewing regular hay. During hay shortages, it acts as a good forage substitute.

3. Known as a prebiotic, it supports your horse’s gut. Beet pulp balances the fiber-disgusting bacteria in your horse’s digestive system.

4. When soaked in water and fed, it helps your horse to hydrate their digestive system.

5. Your horse can enjoy a boost of energy without the sugar.

This may be the perfect option for your skinny or aging horse!