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Keeping your horse hydrated throughout the year can be a challenge! Electrolytes can make this task a little easier. Not only do they trigger the thirst response, but they have essential minerals. By offering the right minerals and vitamins, your horse can be their healthiest.

Benefits of Electrolytes

  1. Electrolytes ease a colicky horse. Horses experiencing colic may be disinterested in water. This supplement will get them drinking again! It can also reduce muscle spasm pain.
  2. It can help with weather changes. Extreme heat or cold can cause your horse to drink less.
  3. In humid conditions, you’ll want to offer electrolytes. This will reduce your horse’s chance of heat stress.
  4. Horses that are excessively sweating can benefit from this supplement. The electrolytes stored in the body are lost when sweated out.
  5. Offering some on the road can stimulate your horse’s thirst response. Most horses are not as eager to drink when in a new environment.

There are different brands and types. Some prefer a paste, while others feed a powder supplement in their horse’s grain. Check out Five Electrolytes For Maximum Equine Hydration for some options!