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Horses should eat small frequent meals throughout the day. A slow feeder hay net allows this to happen! The average horse will spend over 14.5 hours a day grazing. When that is not possible, they’re often left with hay in dry lots or their stall. If unlimited hay is offered without restriction, the horse can become obese. Hay nets can be a solution to this problem!

Main Benefits of Hay Nets

  • It takes the horse longer to eat their hay ration.
  • This approach allows the horse to eat throughout the day, which can lower their stress levels.
  • The amount of hay they’re eating at once is decreased.
  • There is less wastage.

There are plenty more benefits, but these are the top ones! Small- or medium-holed hay nets can allow horses to consume food for 10-13 hours daily. The average horse took 6.5 hours to consume their hay ration through a small-holed one. Horse owners only had to refill the nets twice daily for them to last throughout the day. Because the horse eats less overall, there is a decreased risk in them becoming overweight.

It can take horses a few days to get accustomed to using one. Additionally, it can be helpful to start with a medium net, before moving to a small-holed one.